Thripline Trap - Blue, 10 lures and traps

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Key Features

  • Maximum sensitivity in thrips monitoring.

  • Pheromone lure for Western Flower thrips causes thrips to move to the top of the crop resulting in earlier detection and estimation of population size

  • Fits well into a thrips ICM program with other biological control agents and/or chemical spray treatments.

How It Works

  • Thripline contains a synthetic version of a sexual aggression pheromone produced naturally by male occidentalis. It attracts both male and female thrips into mating aggregations. It will not attract thrips from outside of the general crop area.

  • The pheromone is encapsulated in rubber lures (septa) and is released gradually over several weeks.

Instructions for use

  • Open a pack of sticky traps and the Thripline foil sachets of 10 lures (septa) in the crop.

  • Hang traps 12-20 inches (30-50cm) above the top of the crop. Strip papers from both sides of each trap and apply a lure directly to sticky surface on lower part of the trap.

  • The pheromone is in open ‘cup’ of the lure.

  • Place lure horizontally. Thripline pheromone releases can be reduced if this ‘cup’ fills with water, which can happen in crops with overhead irrigation.

  • For monitoring purposes, use one lure for every 1,000 ft2 (40 traps/acre) with a sticky trap.

  • May enhance contact chemical control by luring thrips to surface. Hang 1 lure/1,000ft2 near greenhouse circulation fans for one hour before treatment. Remove lures after treatment for future use.

  • Replace lures and traps every 3-4 weeks or more frequently if they become covered with thrips.


Storage and transport

  • Lures (in sealed packages) can be kept in a refrigerator at about 39°F/4ºC for several weeks or months.

  • They may be kept for up to two years at -0.4°F/-18º

  • Once foil packets are open, use product immediately.

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Thripline Trap - Blue, 10 lures and traps

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