Application Instructions

Instructions for Mini Sachet on Sticks Use 

  • Do not hang adjacent to heating pipes.
  • Do not hang sachets where they will be directly exposed to intense sunlight.
  • Open the shipping box of sachets in the crop.
  • Separate sachets by tearing along perforations.
  • Hang sachets so that release hole is facing inward, toward the dense part of the canopy.
  • Temperatures and humidities need to be conducive for the mold-growing component of the sachet.
  • Do not alter the sachet in any way, i.e. altering the release hole, opening one side of the sachet, etc., they are designed to be hung as-is.
  • Proper storage should include a way to maintain the moisture content of the sachet
  • It is wise to do a quality control check prior to hanging the sachets, i.e. upon receipt, open one sachet and check for overall activity and ratio between predatory mites and feeder mites.
  • Regular scouting is crucial to the ongoing and long-term efficacy of the sachets. Periodically check for the presence of predatory mite release throughout the production life of the sachet.
  • Make sure to hang the sachet in and around the densest part of the canopy. Avoid hanging them in areas that have been defoliated.