Tired of Spraying?



Rather than storing product on a shelf for weeks, or even days, Natural Enemies works with our supplier to ship your predators directly to your farm to ensure that you receive the freshest, highest quality predatory insects on the market.

 Through patience and persistence, commercial cannabis producers
can eliminate their reliance on harsh chemical sprays.


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Control Pests & Eliminate Chemicals 

Why Use Beneficial Insects?




  • Safe & Effective
  • Avoids chemical pesticide contamination
  • Avoids reentry interval
  • No chemical resistance buildup in pests
  • Better growth rates from thriving plants not stressed by chemicals
  • Better quality end-product
  • Employee/customer health and safety
  • Significant Marketing Benefits 


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When Ladybugs & Preying Mantids Aren't Enough

Many people think first of ladybugs and preying mantids when considering beneficial insects that keep their garden safe from devastating pests, such as aphids, russet mites, spider mites, and other pests that can compromise entire crops.

While ladybugs and preying mantids provide some basic protections, there are far better, more targeted options for defending your garden against these potentially devastating pests. 

The predatory mites we offer are aggressive in their pursuit of specific target pests. Our knowledgable team is here to offer you guidance, based on what is going on in your grow, to help you maximize your yield and keep your plants healthy and happy.


Proper Use of Predatory Mites will Help Keep Your Garden Pest-Free and Pesticide-Free

Synthetic chemicals can compromise an entire growing season just as completely as the pests you're seeking to eliminate. Let us help you manage your pest issues without traditional pesticides, aiding you in your efforts to stay in compliance with regulations, protect your employees and future customers, and ensure the long-term sustainability of your farm.

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